It is a pleasure to welcome you to our brand new B2B webshop. We have put a lot of effort in the design and functionality to offer you a better buying experience and easier use of our online services.

What’s the most important changes we done?

  • New style numbers! We added a 1 or 0 in front all style numbers:
    0 = adult products
    1 = kids products
    Old style no.: 09910
    New style no.: 009910
  • The search feature is now visible in the top at all pages. Type in product names or style numbers – both old and new style numbers will work!
  • There is no ”add to cart” button! Once you type in a number on a product the amount is instantly added to the basket in the upper right corner.
  • Browseable categories! Our product range are now available through a range of categories. We hope this gives you a clear product and category overview.


We hope you enjoy the new webshop and please let us know if you have any comments or feedback. Our contact email is b2b@hummel.dk